About Us

The Indigo Dyslexia Centre is a progressive, East Anglia based registered charity. Our dedicated aim is to help any individual or organisation with any dyslexia related issues.


From our beginnings in 2003 as a friendly support organisation, we progressed in 2005 to not-for-profit company status and are now registered as a charity. Indigo Foundation (Norfolk) Ltd incorporates a Management Board of local trustees backed by staff and volunteers and offers a range of services including:

We pride ourselves on the quality, value and efficiency of our services. We are determined to raise awareness of dyslexia and change society's perception towards dyslexia and the dyslexic. We believe every dyslexic should be encouraged and helped to reach their true potential.

Meet the Team



"Indigo really punches above its weight. It provides invaluable services to people with dyslexia and associated problems, ranging from screening and friendly guidance to a full resource centre and training workshops to suit a variety of needs. Indigo is an asset to Norwich and Norfolk and I fully support its work." - Chloe Smith MP Norwich North.

"Very good to learn of the range of support and services on offer to people across the region." - Simon Wright MP Norwich South.

"We visited Indigo independently, the staff are very friendly and welcoming. The helpful information we received was brilliant. We are pleased that we made the visit. Thankyou" - Helan.

"Fantastic day to all involved in dyslexia in Norfolk and Norwich. The BDA would love to see others follow Indigo's lead with such courage and conviction." - Bernard.

"As a parent of a dyslexic child, I am delighted to see this centre in Norwich. I am very pleased to support your enterprise, especially your dyslexia friendly schools project." - Joyce.

"We feel much more informed about what dyslexia is and is not, and are reassured that there is somewhere friendly and approachable to go. Good luck with your new centre" - Single Parents in Norfolk Group.

"Have followed the progress of Indigo from its small start in someones house to the sucessful organisation it has become today. Can hardly believe the wonderful acheivements that have been made in such a small time. Keep up the good work, you're making a real difference." - Roz.

"Thank you so much for diagnosing me with visual stress, by using my coloured overlay it has changed my life, reading is a joy now, and I am also understanding why I found written work so difficult." - Belinda.


  • 2015 Gateway Accredited Centre.
  • 2014 In-House Colorimetry Testing.
  • 2013 DSA-QAG Accredited.
  • 2012 NOCN Re-Accreditation as Recognised Centre.
  • 2011 MATRIX Award Standard for Advice & Guidance.
  • 2010 Investors in People Award.
  • 2010 INDIGO Foundation achieved a place in the top 100 of the Barclays 2010 Trading Places Awards.
  • 2009 Provided evidence for House of Commons Science and Technology committee on dyslexia.
  • 2008 MATRIX Award Standard for Advice & Guidance.
  • 2007 Investors in People Award.
  • 2006 British Dyslexia Association - Young Achiever Award.
  • 2005 Medallist - Volunteer of the Year.
  • 2004 Unlimited Millennium Award.
  • 2004 Finalist - Young Entrepeneur of the Year Award.
  • 2003 MATRIX Award Standard for Advice & Guidance.