Indigo Dyslexia Centre - Online Appointmets 


As a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis the Indigo dyslexia centre is now offering its services by online meeting.



What will happen during the online meeting?

Online meetings with Indigo are facilitated by zoom remote conference software this entails sending you a link via email to your computer which will allow us to see you, talk to you and share resources through the computer screen. Your assessor will send you the link approximately 10 minutes before the meeting is due to begin. Once you’ve logged in, your assessor will guide you through the meeting, they may need to share their screen with you to demonstrate resources. They may also need to record certain sections of the meeting for e.g. permissions to assess.  

What you will need to participate in the online meeting.

You will need a computer with speakers, microphone and a webcam that has a good internet connection. We recommend making use of a Laptop. Most modern Laptops manufactured in the last five years will be able to run the meeting. You can also use a desktop computer if you prefer but do check it’s has a webcam. It’s also possible to undertake the meeting with an iPad, but it needs to be on a stand as it will be difficult to do writing exercises whilst holding your tablet. We do not recommend doing meetings using your smart phone. Most of our assessments require us to show you resources which will come up on your screen, to small of a screen could be a disadvantage to you and affect the assessment. 

Additionally, along with the use of a computer you will need an A4 lined note pad and either pen or pencil. For younger participants of primary school age it is advisable to have a parent guardian with them to assist with engagement and participation.

Is an online meeting the best option for you?

On line meetings are just as effective as in person meetings how ever they can present challenges in certain circumstances. The first of which is, if the assessment is being conducted primarily to identify Dyspraxia. On line assessments limit our ability to diagnose this learning difficulty, so if this one is your primary concerns please book a face to face meeting.

The second challenge for on line meetings is often engagement of the process for younger participants, we there for recommend parent/guardians being on hand.

If neither of these challenges concern you then there’s no reason for you not to undertake your meeting on line. If you have any concerns please call us. 0845 3479322