Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Dyslexic Learners

If you support learners with specific learning difficulties,you may wish to accredit your experience and develop best practice. This course includes the theory of dyslexia, overlay testing and assistive technology. This is an accredited  Level 3 course.


Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Dyslexic Learners


This course runs for 3 full days over a period of 3 consecutive weeks. The aim is to improve understanding, awareness and perception of dyslexia - and, most importantly, how to support dyslexic individuals. The small group size means you will benefit from individual attention, guidance and discussion. 


 Target Group 

Anyone who would like to learn more about supporting learners with dyslexia. You may be: 

  • ​Working with dyslexic individuals, either personally or professionally. 
  • A human resources manager or trainer within a company. 
  • A teacher, SENCo, learning support assistant or childcare worker. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • A greater clinical understanding of dyslexia.
  • Identifying key characteristics of the condition.
  • Understanding the difficulties individuals with dyslexia face.
  • How IT and other resources can assist people with dyslexia.
  • How to tailor support to the needs of a dyslexic individual. 


This course is delivered at your venue assuming your organisation is able to put together a suitable number of learners, then this course can be ran at a convenient date and time to suit you

Course Length

The course runs for one day a week, from 9am to 4pm for 3 consecutive weeks. however time frame can be adjusted to suit the group and location.


All of our courses are run by a specialists teacher. The teaching and support that you will receive is of the highest quality.  


The course is predominantly coursework based, so that skills learned during the course can be put into practice, for example, coloured overlay testing.There are 2 pieces of assessed work:

  • A numeracy game targeted at dyslexic learners.
  • A case study on a dyslexic individual.

Please note that the 3 week Level 3 course is the equivalent academic standard of an A-Level or a BTEC course. 


£600 inc vat per course (min 4 people max 20)

To book, please ring 0845 347 9322