Level 1 Course in Dyslexia Awareness

If you want to develop your knowledge about dyslexia, this course is for you. It is an accredited Level 1 course.


Level 1 Course in Dyslexia Awareness

This is a one day course. The small group size means you will benefit from plenty of individual attention, guidance and discussion. 

Target Group 

Anyone who wants to learn more about dyslexia. No prior qualifications are required.

You may be: 

  • A parent or carer of a dyslexic child who wishes to understand the difficulties that they are having.
  • An employer looking for continuing professional development of your employees. 
  • Anyone supporting a dyslexic child or adult who would like to know more about the condition.
  • An educational professional looking to update your skills and knowledge. 

Learning Outcomes

  • What dyslexia is.
  • The effect of dyslexia on the individual.
  • Educational interventions.
  • Coping strategies for dyslexics. 

Course Length 

The course runs for one full day. 


All of our courses are run by certified dyslexia specialists. The teaching and support that you will receive is of the highest quality. 


You will complete a coursebook during the day's training. This work provides evidence towards accreditation, and if you complete the book to an acceptable standard, Indigo will obtain a Level 1 qualification for you. We will then return the workbook to you as a learning resource for future reference. 


£120 per student in Norwich and Bury (inc. VAT).


This course is run on a regular basis at our Indigo Dyslexia centres. If your organisation is able to put together a suitable number of learners, then this course can be run at your location at a convenient time.

Courses Coming Soon

To book, please ring 0845 347 9322 or download the application form below.

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Group Number Location Availability  Start Date
025 Norwich - Centre Yes 4th February 2019
026 Norwich - Centre Yes TBC
027 Norwich - Centre Yes TBC
028 Norwich - Centre  Yes TBC