Workplace Needs Assessments


What will happen at the assessment?

On the day you will meet with an assessor at the Indigo centre or online they will have a discussion with you regarding difficulties that you face in employment, the day-to-day difficulties that your learning difficulty creates and will discuss with you the coping strategies that you use and the support you feel you might need, they will work with you to discuss potential solutions and hopefully make recommendations that will allow you to become more effective in your employment.

After your meeting the assessor will write a report detailing any recommendations, they feel would be beneficial, this can be helpful to your employer as it details what could be considered to be a reasonable adjustment under the equalities act on the basis of your learning difficulty.
Line managers are welcome to attend the meeting if you feel this would be beneficial.
It would also be helpful if you were not assessed by Indigo to bring any assessment of your learning difficulties to the appointment.

How long does an assessment test take?

Assessments vary in length due to complexity of need and the difficulties being discussed, but approximately an hour is common.


£95.00 (inc. VAT) 

Locations available:

• Indigo Dyslexia Centre, Norwich
• Indigo Dyslexia Office, Bury St Edmunds
• Indigo Dyslexia Office, Cambridge
• lndigo Dyslexia Office, Online Meeting

How do I arrange an assessment?

As a result of COVID-19 this service is only available via online meeting.

Please email or book online do arrange a Workplace needs assessment


Indigo Dyslexia Centre on:

Helpline: 0845 347 9322
Indigo Dyslexia Centre, Norwich: 01603 766 761
Indigo Dyslexia Office, Bury St Edmunds: 0845 347 9322
Indigo Dyslexia Office, Cambridge: 0845 347 9322