Employment Mentoring


All dyslexics develop coping strategies to help get by in day to day life. It is common to take these into the workplace, however they often may not be very positive or particularly effective, for example, taking longer over tasks.

On the other hand though, coping strategies can be very effective, but developing these takes time, confidence and space, to be able to think objectively about what you are doing and how you could do it better. 

Often it can be helpful to verbalise the difficulties you are having and debate solutions with somebody who understands where you are coming from. This is what Employment Mentoring is for. 

On the day

You will meet in private at the Indigo Dyslexia Centre with one of our specialist mentors, who have an extensive experience of dyslexia and learning difficulties, and who also have access to all assistive technology available on the market to help dyslexics. 

You will commonly have ten sessions, although more can be arranged if necessary. They are an hour in length, and run every week. This gives the employee the ability to take what they have learnt back into the workplace, evaluate its effectiveness and re-address any difficulties at the next session. 

How much does it cost?

£65.00 (inc. VAT) per session.

Available locations

Indigo Dyslexia Centre Norwich
Indigo Dyslexia Bury St Edmunds
If you have any questions with regard to this service, please call us on 0845 347 9322.