Dyslexia Information, Advice and Guidance

  • I am dyslexic. Now what?
    What to do next after a diagnosis of Dyslexia

  • What is dyslexia?
    What are the difficulties associated with Dyslexia

  • Indications of dyslexia
    Signs to look out for that can indicate Dyslexia
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  • Talking to schools
    Tips when talking to the school about your child's needs

  • Special Educational Needs - What are my rights?
    What should be done under the SEN rules and laws

  • Hints and tips for parents
    How to build on the help your child is getting from the school

  • How Teachers can help
    If you are a Teacher what to look out for and how you can help

  • Higher Education
    What help is available if you are going to higher education

  • Driving Tests
    What help is available for driving tests

  • Writing for dyslexics
    How to write foe a Dyslexic audience

  • Assistive Technology
    What technology is available to help

  • Dyslexia and SpLD Articles - From leading experts
    Articles about Specific Learning Difficulties