What Is Dyslexia?


First things first. Dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence. 

Learning to read and spell is a problem for dyslexic people. But it is not that simple. Today, we know that dyslexia is a neurological condition which relates to how the brain processes external information. 

Dyslexia is characterised by difficulties with some or all of the following: 

  • Phonic recognition: delay in reading progress and pronounciation.

  • Short-term memory: struggling to retain information and follow instructions.

  • Processing speed: slow learning speed when absorbing new information

  • Organisation: finding it hard to schedule and prioritise tasks.

  • Hand-eye coordination: being accident-prone, not very good at sports, etc.

  • Dyslexics can be extremely creative, using lateral and abstract thinking with great effectiveness. They may also show pronounced skills in visual-spatial areas such as art, design and architecture. 

    Did we mention that dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence?

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