Indigo Dyslexia Resource Centre

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty, not a learning impossibility. With the right support, dyslexic children and adults can fulfill their potential.

Listed here are examples of the resources we like to use:

Coloured Overlays

Irlen Syndrome, visual stress, and scotopic sensitivity are just some of the names that describe blurring of text, movement on the page, as well as general discomfort when reading. You may have difficulty tracking letters and words, or suffer from headaches when reading for long periods of time. These problems can be alleviated by the use of a suitable coloured overlay.


Books about Dyslexia

The irony is not lost on us, but one of the best ways to learn about dyslexia is to read about it!


Educational Resources and Games

Learning can be fun - honest! A multi-sensory approach is essential.



Handwriting can often be difficult for dyslexics as well as for those who also have dyspraxia.