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Learning can be fun - honest! At Indigo we believe that dyslexia is only a learning difficulty, not a learning impossibility.

A multi-sensory approach is essential when teaching learners with dyslexia. Our specialist teachers use these resources on a daily basis with our students during private tuition sessions. 

6 Spelling & Language Level 3 Board Games

This is the third and final set of board games from the bestselling Smart Kids series. Hands-on multi-sensory teaching is the most effective form of teaching for dyslexics and this set of spelling and language board games is an excellent example. It contains six board games, covering fundamental concepts necessary for proficient spelling. 

Areas covered include: 
Root words
Antonyms and synonyms
Idioms and metaphors

6 board games
20 counters
1 die
One spinner
6 answer cards


Turn Tables

Turn Tables is a simple deck of cards, colour coded for each times table. It offers a selection of games to play at home or at school to help people of all ages better understand times tables. 

Turn Tables card games are different to many other multiplication resources:

They use visual learning to see the multiplication diagram, giving students a concrete idea to hold on to.
They use the voice to say the multiplication fact, so using the auditory channel to hear the students own representation of the multiplication fact.
They use the kinaesthetic channel to touch and turn the cards, giving students tactile memories of the process.


Making and Breaking

This easy-to-use resource requires the student to match sounds between the cards and the playing board. 

Making and Breaking helps the pupil recognise word segments and break them into their constituent sounds. By changing the first sounds of the words, pupils can make alternate words. They often become rapidly more fluent at this and learn that there are letter sound patterns that are the same across different words. 

This is just a sample of the stock we have available in-store - if you are looking for any games in particular please contact us.