Maths Tuition


Anyone wishing to improve their mathematical skills can benefit from tuition You may be:

  • A parent who is concerned about your child's progress.
  • An adult who is facing the need to deal with numeracy, perhaps because of a promotion or new job.
  • A student starting a higher-level course of study.
  • Someone who wants to improve their mathematical skills, but has found it hard due to a lack of assistance.
  • A learner concerned about exams or tests, e.g. GCSEs or A-Levels.


What kind of teaching methods are used? 

As we are all individuals with our own particular ways of learning, teaching is tailored to the learner's ways of processing information. The aim is to make the learning process enjoyable and fun - especially for children! 


How long are the sessions and when are they held? 

The sessions are one hour in length and are held at the Indigo Dyslexia Centre Norwich. 

How much does it cost? 

Tuition is £30 (inc. VAT) per hour. 

Arranging tuition 

Please contact Indigo Dyslexia Centre on 0845 347 9322.