Study Skills Tuition


Anyone wishing to improve their study skills can benefit from tuition. You may:

  • Be an adult struggling with the volume of work and difficulties associated with a particular course
  • Know your subject well but struggle to organise your thoughts and present your information on paper
  • Need to learn about referencing, essay structure, creative writing and mind mapping
  • Be approaching exams or tests such as A-Levels or GCSEs and need support to organise and plan revision


Indigo Tuition offers:

  • One-to-one tuition in a quiet, friendly environment
  • Specialist dyslexia teaching focusing on essay writing, organisational skills and workload management
  • Teaching tailored to your needs

    What kind of teaching methods are used? 

    Study skills tutors do not teach reading, writing or spelling. Instead they assist and support you in presenting your thoughts. A study skills tutor will teach you coping strategies, organisational skills, sentence structure, and help with workload management, but they will not attempt to take you back to school.


    How long are the sessions and when are they held? 

    The sessions are one hour in length and are held at the Indigo Dyslexia Centres. 


    How much does it cost? 

    Higher Education Non-Medical Helper rates

    If you are looking for this support but are not being funded we can provide this service privately. Please contact us for pricing. 

    Arranging tuition 

    Please contact Indigo Dyslexia Centre on 0845 347 9322. 

    Our service provision is accredited by DSA-QAG and in compliance with this quality standard please find our downloadable Complaints procedure should you require it.